Private P2P network

Meet Zhenga!

Data can have different price - ability to access the data is always priceless.

Zhenga brings power of the Internet to your personal networking. Connect and share data across your devices running Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and macOS. Anywhere. Securely. Forever.

os variety

What’s the difference?

  • Zhenga is P2P. Embrace the independence.
  • It is crossplatform. One instrument for all of your operating systems.
  • All data transfer is encrypted end-to-end. No 3rd parties. You hold the keys to keep your data safe.
  • It uses TCP/IP and allows connections beyond LAN boundaries. Stay connected wherever you are.
  • Nodes can have multiple addresses. The best available route will be used automatically.
  • Resources are explicitly shared on a per-node basis. You decide who gets what.
  • As simple as a regular directory. All your favourite applications are instantly network-enabled.
  • Think of a virtual USB drive connected to all of your devices. No need to copy. All the data is already there.

Check it out!

Download Zhenga for your operating system and follow the quick start or quick pair guides.

Latest news


  • Release r112 is out!


  • Apple arm64 M1 processor build is now available


  • Release r111 is out!


  • Release r110 is out!


  • Release r109 is out!
  • FreeBSD is now supported